You can use our on-line booking system for corporate medicine.

The practice looks after many companies, large and small, and is ideally placed for the provision of both immediate and preventative care for company staff.

It is important for the company staff, especially key members of the team, to be seen at short notice, perhaps saving them taking time off to see their GPs. Our online booking system helps to plan for a convenient time.

Executive Screening aims at preventing problems before they occur.

Pre-Employment Medicals help plan for medical concerns with prospective employees. 

In the Autumn companies are advised to send in their employees to administer influenza vaccinations.

As the company doctor I am available for medical management advice for the HR Department and advise on health related issues for the company. 

In case you are looking for a doctor to take care of your employees, please contact us.

phone: 514 514 382, 514 514 756


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