Glucometer Accu-Chek Performa

glukometr accu chek performa naší ordinaceOur glucometer measures glycemia from a small blood drop. Just a small pinch to your finger and we are able to tell you in 5 seconds your blood sugar level measured from your capillary blood.

CoaguChek XS

přístroj pro monitoring INR naší ordinaceWe use Coagucheck  for INR level checks. It is useful for monitoring anticoagulation therapy in chronic patients.

CRP level measurement with i-Chroma Reader

CRP měřič i-Chroma reader naší ordinaceC-reactive protein is a inflammation process marker. It is a valuable tool for differentiation between viral and bacterial infections.

Non-contact thermometer Visio Focus

Thermometer by bezkontaktní teploměr visio focus naší ordinaceVisioFocus  projects the temperature reading on the forehead, without ever coming into contact with the skin. It is easy to use, not invasive, reliable, safe, very fast and hygienic. Moreover, there are no breaking risks, as in the case of mercury thermometers.

EKG Seiva Praktik

Our small 12 lead ECG machine. 12 lead seiva ECG

Personal weight and altimeter SECA

Measures up to 100 kg of weight and up to  200 cm of height.váha SECA 769 naší ordinace

Otoscope with LED light

red otoscope

TonoTrack (holter krevního tlaku)

Holter TonoTrack is used for continuous 24-hour blood pressure measurement.
This method helps diagnose and properly treat hypertension (high blood pressure).
Holter TonoTrack pro kontinuální  ambulantní měření tlaku

Spirometer Medikro Duo

Medikro DuoMedikro® Duo is a 2-in-1 device for asthma and COPD screening. In quick test mode spirometry screening tests can be performed within 2 minutes. Speed and standard of spirometry screening areimproved by Medikro’s quality indicators. 

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