Our team

We are the private general practice and our target is to provide the best quality services and care to our patients. 

We believe that this target can be better achieved in the team, where we can operate more effectively than as an individuals. On the other side we try to keep the personal  approach to each patient and that is  why we offer the Booking system, where you can make appoitment to your doctor.

We use up the most recent  appliences, which is possible in our general practice specialisation  to operate and  ensure also this way the best quality care, responding to latest and modern standards. Our practice is also accredited and certified institution of the Ministry of health care and serve for the undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching - to  teach practical aspects of care delivered by general practitioners.

phone: 514 514 382, 514 514 756

email: masarykova@doktorbrno.cz

Masarykova 427/31, Brno - město